Of Glaze and Kiln:

The work of Ken and Melody Shipley

Customs House Museum,

Clarksville, TN



Dreams of Brownsville

Gallery at Rusteberg Hall

 University of Texas at Brownsville

Melody's Gallery

      The vessels in my latest series are inspired by many visits to the ocean.  The waves crashing on the shore, barnacles clinging to the bottom of the docks, sea oats sitting high atop the sand dunes waving a cheery hello in the breeze against a bright, blue sky are all images that flash through the mind when thinking of the ocean.  The ocean is an incredibly mysterious environment.  The infinite power of water is an endless source of inspiration and ultimately soothes and brings a great sense of peace. 


Recent Shows

Ken's Gallery

     My pieces are a new cycle of work and a series that is beginning to fulfill a need to make monumental forms.  It is a beginning.  Several pieces are works from the relatively recent past.  They all have things I have learned from, so they've stayed with me and have led me to this new series.  Some have been made in different parts of the world, which in itself is enlightening.

Shipley Pottery

Custom Pieces by Ken and Melody Shipley

F & M Bank Franklin Room 2018

Atmospheres: Photography of Ken and Melody Shipley

At the Framemaker in Clarksville, TN during the month of March 2017.

Images coming soon!